About Us

For over a decade, Ronbow has been a leading global manufacturer and distributor of luxurious bathroom furnishings. What distinguishes Ronbow from its competitors is that we design and manufacture our own products, which gives us the capability to consistently offer our customers impeccable quality and relevant design.

Ronbow is known for crafting furniture and ceramics with a keen attention to detail. Our furniture is manufactured with the highest quality hardwood from sustainable forests. This hardwood goes through a rigorous 10-step finishing process that is finalized with a comprehensive assembly process.

From rich traditional to classic contemporary and refined European collections, Ronbow offers an extensive collection of styles and finishes to complement any design aesthetic. Working with some of the world’s leading design professionals which include, Phoenix Design, Kurz Kurz Design, Pininfarina and Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, Ronbow provides options for interchangeable sizes and materials to inspire a truly unique customizable experience.